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To Raise Rates or Not to Raise Rates Put U-Haul to Work for Your Business Spotlight on Johnstown Self-Storage Affiliate Spotlight: Sue and Robert Bennett of FranFinders Attracting Storage Customers with Your Online Presence

To Raise Rates or Not to Raise Rates

Raising rates is a topic that is often looked at with more questions than answers.  Questions that are often asked are “Why”, “How”, “When”, and “How Much”?

Let us start with the question “Why?”.  Every year costs increase for businesse…

Put U-Haul to Work for Your Business

If you are reading this article, it is safe to say that you understand just how huge the Self-Storage industry is right now. With so much competition, it can be difficult to make your business stand out among others and convince customers to choose …

Spotlight on Johnstown Self-Storage

The self-storage industry sometimes does not get the recognition it deserves when it comes to the support they provide to their community. Locations like affiliate, Johnstown Self Storage in Berthoud Colorado, strive to help to outstanding members o…

Affiliate Spotlight: Sue and Robert Bennett of FranFinders

The Storage Industry is growing quickly as more and more investors realize the income potential locked inside. Today, we’re speaking with two successful storage owners who have managed to expand their business rapidly over the last couple of years, …

Attracting Storage Customers with Your Online Presence

Everyone and everything is now online. When attracting storage customers, self-storage business owners should focus on maintaining and building their online presence. Using social media and having a mobile-friendly website is just the beginning o…

  • Responsive Web Design illustration

    Responsive Web Design and Your Facility

    In today’s technologically savvy society, more and more people are ditching their desktop computers to browse the web and are using their mobile devices instead. How many times have you been in arms distance of a desktop computer but instead chose to check your Facebook or search Google on your mobile device? If you are using your mobile device more and more to search the web, you are not alone.

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  • Percentage of Search Engine Traffic

    How Search Engines Rank Websites

    Most people know it’s better to be ranked on the first page, but do you know how to get there? Online marketing can seem like a different language. Fortunately, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network has access to professional, online marketing experts. Here is some advice from Web Marketer Joseph Carter.

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  • Minnesota State Seal

    Impending Minnesota Self-Storage Sales Tax Repealed

    In 2013 Minnesota passed a new self-storage sales tax to be implemented on April 1, 2014. The self-storage tax would have effected all customers classified as business customers storing items at self-storage locations or warehouses. Collecting the tax would have been required by each self-storage provider and would have created an inherent requirement that each self-storage customer be classified as business or non-business.

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  • How to Deal With Melting Snow

    Without a doubt this has been a particularly brutal winter. Many areas have experienced large piles of snow buildup. The good news is that it’s almost over, but it’s important to be prepared as the weather begins to change. This week’s spring temperatures followed almost immediately by another winter storm reminds us that we must always be prepared. It’s important to get your act together now to prevent costly disasters such as a roof collapse or flooding caused by melting snow and ice. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

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  • Hello My Name Is Photo Credit: MayBeEmily

    5 Trick’s to Remembering a New Name

    Working in the self-storage industry means you come across a lot of new people on a day-to-day basis. Remembering someone’s name is not only appreciated, but makes great business sense. It can be hard though to remember new names, especially when you are meeting so many new people. Recently, posted an article that gave five great memory tricks to help you remember a new person’s name.

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  • Susan from Seinfeld "The Invitations"

    Be a Smooth Operator: Time Saving Tips

    The phone is ringing, customers are lined up, the maintenance personnel needs direction in the yard – you feel like your head is going to explode! Operating a self-storage facility is no easy feat. Following basic organization and time-saving principles will help you stay on track. Getting organized, following to-do lists and simplifying day-to-day tasks are things every self-storage operator can focus on.

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  • Meet United Self Mini Storage

    Spotlight : Meet United Self Mini Storage

    Underwood, manager of United Self Mini Storage in Tapron Springs, Florida, U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate since 2008 and this edition’s spotlight. Underwood has been in the self-storage industry since 2005 and is the Manager for Terry Hunt, owner of […]

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