Top 10 Products Sold at U-Haul Stores

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Business Tips

Providing your customers with the products and services they need is one of the keys to running a successful business. For U-Haul Dealers, that means ensuring your location is stocked with the most in-demand products available. To help you make sure your location continues to meet your customer’s needs, these are the top 10 products sold at U-Haul Stores across the nation.

  1. Moving boxes 
    U-Haul part number(s): SM, MED, LG, XLG It may not be a surprise that U-Haul Stores sell more moving boxes—from small to extra-large—than anything else. We’re the moving experts, after all!
  2. Specialty moving boxes
    U-Haul part number(s): MB, SB12, SW, LMB U-Haul offers a variety of specialty boxes, but the Mirror Box, Book Box, the Shorty Wardrobe Box and the Large Mirror and Picture Box are the best sellers.  
  3. Tape Varieties U-Haul part number(s): 55T, 40001, 55T When customers buy boxes, they often need tape as well. These are the three top tape varieties among U-Haul customers: Box / Packaging Paper Tape Packaging / Mailing Tape Packaging / Mailing Tape (55-yard with dispenser; two pack)
  4. Queen mattress bag 
    U-Haul part number: MBQ It’s best to have mattress bags of all sizes on hand, but did you know queen mattresses are the most commonly used nationwide? Keep that in mind when purchasing supplies for resale.
  5. Packing Paper U-Haul part number: WP Although we offer a variety of packing paper sizes, the 200 sheet set (or 10 lb.) is the most popular variety.

  6. 15’ Enviro-Bubble® Roll 
    U-Haul part number: BP1615 Popular among customers that want to protect their fragile items, like artwork, home décor, electronics and more during a move or while in storage.
  7. Glass Pack Kit
    U-Haul part number: GP The Glass Pack Kit protects different sizes of glassware, crystal, porcelain and stemware. The kit comes with 18 reusable pouches, one box and a sevenpiece cell-divider. 8. Packing peanuts 

  8. Packing Peanuts
    U-Haul part number: 49015 U-Haul Company’s packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable, making them a hit among customers looking to ‘go green.’
  9. 2¾” Discus security lock
    U-Haul part number: 2870 Commonly used in conjunction with self-storage units, though this stainless steel lock has many household applications as well.
  10. Furniture pad
    U-Haul part number: FP Typically, customers find these to be a useful resource for keeping their furniture from being scratched and dented, but they serve as great space-fillers as well when packing.

How many of these items do you have available at your location? If you’re missing something, you can find all these items and more on the Buyer’s Club, a wholesale program available exclusively to U-Haul Dealers. Learn more about the Buyer’s Club by going to or calling 866-277-6855.