Moving Help® Benefits for Self-Storage Affiliates

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Business Tips, Community, Marketing Tips, Our Affiliates, WebSelfStorage

You have probably heard of Moving Help® powered by U-Haul®, but are you aware of all the ways this service can benefit you and your self-storage facility? In this article we are going to breakdown how you can give yourself an edge in the highly competitive storage industry and enhance your customers’ moving and storing experience.

What is it?

Moving Help® is an online marketplace powered by U-Haul® offering loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, U-Box container delivery, cleaning, and specialty moving services (piano, safe, etc.).

How can your customers benefit?

Take the stress out of moving for your clients by offering a service to your customers that is no additional cost to you. Additional services can add value and increase overall customer satisfaction.

How can you benefit by referring customers to

When referring customers to, you are referring them to a platform where they can choose their Moving Help® Service Providers based on real customer reviews so you do not have to worry about the liability you feel when referring a specific company. You get all the credit for referring them to a great provider without having to do any of the physically demanding work.

Having your customers hire professional movers can lower damages, and lessen the time spent at your facility while moving in or out.

How does it work?

We can provide you with free brochures to hand out at your facility. If interested in having brochures sent to you please reach out to with the address you would like these to be sent to.

  1. Have your customer go to where they can enter the address where their services are needed.
  2. They can review the available providers and select the date, time, and provider based on their customer reviews.
  3. The Moving Help® Service Provider will then reach out to the customer to work out all the scheduling details.
  4. When the job is done to their satisfaction, they will give the provider a payment code that was emailed to them at the time of checkout.
  5. Then they can provide the next family with all the details of how outstanding their Moving Help® Service Provider(s) performed in a review.