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WebSelfStorage: A Real Game-Changer

Since its inception more than 15 years ago, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network (USSAN) has provided WebSelfStorage (WSS), a 100 percent Web-based, fully-integrated management software that can be a game-changer for independent self-storage owners. U-Haul area field managers (AFMs) are on the front lines for spreading the word about this network and its benefits to self-storage owners.


AFM Dillon Hoagland

Dillon Hoagland, AFM for UHC of Montana (Co. 842-001), travels around “Big Sky Country” singing the praises of the USSAN. He explains to self-storage owners how the network gives them several advantages over their competition.

“We have the most affordable program on the market,” Hoagland noted. “Partnering with the USSAN will increase the demand for your product, allowing you to make more and pay less, and will offer your customers additional features, which will help you grow your business.

“The ease of access with a mobile device, the interactive site map and being a part of a self-storage network, which helps keep occupancy numbers up, are advantages that I explain to all self-storage owners,” Hoagland affirmed. “Credit card processing on this program is outstanding, as well.”


AFM John Gonzales

John Gonzales has been an AFM for UHC of Tulsa (Co. 761-003) for just under a year, but he already sees two distinct advantages to talking to storage owners about joining the USSAN.

“It’s a great talking point to start building a relationship with the storage owner and potential storage affiliate,” Gonzales detailed. “Second, it gives the storage owner access to the largest network of independent self-storage owners and a 100 percent Web-based business platform.

“The only advice I have as a relatively new AFM is to learn all you can about WSS and the USSAN so that the storage owner has an advocate who they can turn to for answers to any questions they might have,” he continued. “And know that you have team members who you can turn to for advice or to help you answer any questions you might not be able to answer on your own.”


AFM Gary Slusser

Gary Slusser, a 15-year U-Haul Team member, has only been an AFM for UHC of Northern Colorado (Co. 722-005) for under a year, but he already has a few key features that he likes to point out to storage owners who are undecided about the USSAN.

“The mailing service is really good because it takes a lot of stress off the managers of the facilities,” Slusser explained. “The ability to upload photos and customize their page on to increase exposure is also a great feature.

“I encourage all my fellow AFMs to get into the demo account and learn more about the USSAN,” Slusser added. “I also encourage them to contact the sales team or someone that knows a lot about the program to learn more about it, too.”

Have questions about the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network? Want to know how to get started with the program? Contact the USSAN Sales Team at 602-242-4181 or via email at