Three Ways Advertising on Wheels Can Help You Meet and Exceed Your Monthly Rental Revenue

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Business Tips, Marketing Tips, Our Affiliates, Tips

If you’re an owner of a storage facility, you’re probably looking for ways to better serve your customers as well as build the prosperity of your business. Name recognition is a big part of running a successful business, and U-Haul’s Storage Affiliate Advertising Vans can promote your business by advertising on wheels while empowering you to provide a convenient service for your customers.

Here are three ways advertising on wheels can help you meet and exceed your monthly rental revenue:

  1. Give your customers the gift of convenience

A Storage Affiliate Advertising Van (SAAV) is available to self-storage business owners that meet U-Haul’s requirements, and it can be rented to those who need to transport their belongings to and from the facility. An onsite van is convenient because:

  • It provides great value and purpose to your storage customers
  • We use the newest model of the Ford Transit, which establishes a standard of reliability, consistency, and freshness for your clients to enjoy.
  • The ease and availability of having a moving van ready to go will make your business even more customer-oriented.
  • In addition to the van, your customers can benefit from a variety of U-Haul moving supplies available at your facility for an affordable price.

Advertising on wheels not only supports the ease of transportation of storage goods but more opportunities to meet your clientele’s needs all while promoting your business.

  1. Boost Your Revenue with an Advertising Van

With a SAAV, you can benefit from the commissions of the van, as well as reduced prices of U-Haul boxes and moving products that you can sell to customers. Advertising on wheels is powerful because:

    • Americans spend an average of 15 hours per week in their cars. This means 15 hours of opportunity to see your company’s logo!
    • 91% of targeted audience notice mobile advertisements
    • 95% percent of people who read van advertisements recall them

The road is ripe for recruiting customers. People all over town will notice your logo cruising around, and they’ll know who to call for their storage needs!

  1. Give your business a sense of establishment

If your business is in need of a bolstered reputation or more exposure, a Storage Affiliate Advertising Van can help! Here are a few ways a SAAV can help establish your business in your community:

  • When companies have vans with their logo driving around town, it relays to the customer that the company is trustworthy and well-established
  • Potential clients are attracted to stability and reliability, and advertising on wheels builds and strengthens that perception
  • The brand name U-Haul next to your logo puts your business on par with an internationally known brand
  • U-Haul customers will be attracted to your storage facility when they see it’s associated with the moving company they know and trust. A van will announce partnership and familiarity that elevates your storage business

Hear from the owner of Thriftee Self-Storage as he talks about the impact the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van has had on his business:

U-Haul’s Storage Affiliate Advertising Van presents a unique opportunity to immediately improve both revenue and customer experience.

U-Haul assumes responsibility for the vans, meaning that you as a business owner will not be liable for SAAV accidents, nor will you be responsible for maintenance costs, repair costs, or impoundment fees.

A SAAV can empower you to elevate your brand recognition, prestige, and income stream. U-Haul’s Self-Storage Affiliates who meet the requirements have a unique opportunity to deepen a valuable relationship with U-Haul and with clients.

Now, are you ready to start advertising on wheels?