Maximize Your Self-Storage Business with USSAN and WebSelfStorage

by | May 29, 2017 | Business Tips, Our Affiliates, WebSelfStorage

Maximize your self-storage

The self-storage industry is competitive. Owners and operators need to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition. The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network (USSAN) provides help doing just that by connecting your facility to the largest network of independent self-storage operators. Affiliates are making more, paying less and competing with the big guys! Affiliates already use most of the benefits of the program, but can still find ways to get more from the robust program. Maximize your self-storage business using these opportunities below.

Maximize USSAN Benefits

Become a U-Haul Dealer

When customers need a self-storage unit, they typically have things they need to move in or out, making it a natural fit for self-storage facilities to become a U-Haul Dealer. It’s also a great way to get your business in front of potential customers without the cost of starting a franchise. Below are two ways to use the dealer program to benefit your self-storage facility:

Rent Equipment Out: Increase your revenue and provide an easy move-in or move-out by renting your self-storage customers U-Haul equipment like U-Haul trucks and trailers. It only takes two or three parking spaces to offer this benefit to your customers.

Sell Moving Supplies: Selling self-storage supplies like furniture pads, boxes and padlocks make it easier for a customer to have everything they need to store their belongings at your facility and provide you with extra revenue.

If you are not already a dealer, become one here.

Use the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van

The Storage Affiliate Advertising Van is only available to Affiliates and provides an opportunity to advertise your facility and rent out a cargo van to customers while making a commission.

Advertise: Work with the U-Haul team to design your artwork and help build your brand within your local community to promote growth for your self-storage facility.

Rent the Van: With a new van provided every year of participation, the van is easily rented out for customers to use for move in or move out. This provides an added benefit for your customers and also extra revenue for your business.

Maximize your Self-Storage Business

Maximize WebSelfstorage

Affiliates love using WebSelfStorage for its 100% web-based self-storage facility management software. Owners and operators are able to manage their facility online, anytime and anywhere. WebSelfStorage makes running a facility easier and more efficient. Affiliates use most of the features already, but below are some additional options that can provide a great help for your business growth and operation.

Integrated Reservation System: The reservation system gives your business access to the most widely searched platform in the self-storage industry. It uses real-time pricing and availability to get your facility confirmed reservations through and Use this feature to fill your rooms and increase your occupancy!

Mailing Service: Combine this feature with the Customer Letter Management feature and save a lot of time. Use the letter manager to generate a letter to customers for issues like delinquent accounts. You can have them generated whenever you would like or schedule them based on how late the account is. For the cost of a stamp, you can automate these letters to go out through the USSAN team. USSAN will print the letters, stuff the envelopes and mail them out.

Integrated Contact Center Service: When you are not available, the contact center will answer the phone for you. With access to real-time inventory of your rooms, rates and availability, they can make the reservations or take payments from your customers. Never miss an opportunity to grow your business!

Interested in WebSelfStorage? Request a demo.

Using these USSAN features will make your day-to-day operations in your self-storage facility run more efficiently. Benefits like the advertising van and dealer program will also help your business and visibility grow in your community.

What are some of the features you would like to see in a self-storage management program? Share in the comments.