Using the Advertising Van: Free Truck with Move-In Program

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Free Truck Decal

Many years ago, self-storage owners found that renting trucks and trailers was synonymous with self-storage rentals. As time went on, more and more self-storage owners jumped into the truck rental business and there became a further need to offer an edge to local storage competitors.  Storage owners began looking for more opportunity to market benefits to customers.  One program that offers many benefits to the owner and customer is the Advertising Van.  This program gives the storage owner an opportunity to advertise their facility in their community and even comes with an opportunity to offer a Free Truck with Move-In Program for customers.  The Free Truck with Move-In makes for an easy move-in to their storage unit.  Below is more about the program and how you could use it in your facility.

What is the Program?

This program allows storage owners to contribute an amount of their choice towards the customer’s truck rental in trade for a storage room rental. You are in full control of when you want to do this and how much you want to contribute.  Some offer to pay for 100% of the rental, but it is up to each storage owner to determine the amount they are comfortable with offering.

Why Should I Offer the Program?

These days’ customers are savvy!  They seek out what they find important and search to receive the most benefits with their rentals.  As this type of program becomes more popular, it becomes more important to offer it to keep relevant in a competitive industry.  If you do not give customers what they seek you may miss out on customers as a whole.

When Should I do it?

This  really depends on your business model. Most operators include the benefit with rooms that are typically harder to rent.  This offers not only a benefit to the customer, but also a way for a facility owner to rent more storage units and get closer to a a full house.

How Do I Advertise This?

U-Haul Offers their self-storage dealers a Free Truck with Move In windshield sign, which is one way to share the news.  Operators that participate in a program with an Advertising Van include the details about the program on their van artwork. They can do this by including it in overall messaging or in a decal on their Advertising Van.

Storage facility owners are always looking for new ways to reach customers.  Using programs that offer additional benefits to their daily operations or to their customers increases their business opportunities.  For more information on programs like this visit the SAAV website.

Why do you think customers are so fond of benefits like these?  Share in the comments!