Small Business By The Numbers

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Updated 11/18/16

Starting a small business is a big commitment.  It requires hard work and the passion to succeed.  Based on the numbers, it is clear small business drives our economy in sales and jobs. Before starting your own business you want to make sure you do the research and know where the numbers lie. You may have wondered how many small businesses are in the United States? Maybe you want to know what the term “nonemployer business” is. Or if you’re interested in opening a small business you may be wondering what the average revenue is. The Small Business Administration’s created this infographic to educate those considering starting a small business. According to this infographic there are 29 million small businesses in America and over 500,000 new businesses start each month.  Take a look at the graphic and get to know learn about small business by the numbers.

Infographic: Small Business In the United States

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