Traits Of A Superhero Employee

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If Superman walked into your office right now and applied for a job what would you do?  Hire him on the spot, right? When going through the new hire process there are definitely people that stand out from the crowd. Make sure you hire the right person for the job.  Below are traits to look for in a Superhero employee.

Employee TraitsName: Bruce Wayne
Alias: Batman
Superhero Employee Traits: An action-oriented, independent worker.
Why he would be a great employee: As a young child, Batman had to overcome the loss of his mother and father. This shaped his future and taught him to be an independent worker and thinker.  Bruce proved his independence when he was just 14 years old by embarking on a journey all by himself. During this time he showed the ability to take action as he studied to become the great fighter he is today. Batman is someone that does not need hand-holding to achieve his goals and he is action-oriented.  Every time he steps out to fight crime in Gotham City he is taking a chance.  Batman strives to be the best in his craft and is always five steps ahead of his opponents. If you are looking for an employee who can work independently and is action-oriented, Batman is the right choice for you.


Responsible ambitiousName: Peter Parker
Alias: Spider-Man
Superhero Employee Trait: Takes on responsibility and is ambitious.
Why he would be a great employee: With great power comes great responsibility.  For Peter Parker, this motto is what he lives by.  As a baby, he lost his parents and was raised by his aunt and uncle.  When his uncle passed, he felt a great responsibility to help his Aunt May. Learning to take on responsibility is a major part of what makes up Spider-Man. This guy is also very ambitious.  He made his own Spidey Suit equipped with web-making capabilities. This shows that he is someone that will bring innovation to your business. If you are looking for someone that takes on responsibility and has the ambition to grow with your business, Spider-Man is right up your ally!

leader honestName: Clark Kent
Alias: Superman
Superhero Employee Trait: An honest leader.
Why he would be a great employee: Growing up in a small town, Clark Kent was taught strong morals by his human parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised him when he landed on earth from Krypton.  This moral upbringing and his strong powers allowed him to become the honest leader he is.  Superman promotes the good in all humanity and understands the importance of allowing everyone to do their part.  When Superman teams up with the Justice League he takes on a strong leadership role. He knows how to delegate tasks to allow others to excel at jobs he could easily take care of himself. If you are looking for a strong honest leader, Superman is the superior pick for you.

During the hiring process make sure to pay attention to personality traits as well as qualifications. There are many personalities out there, finding the right fit for your business is very important to keep the business growing.  Looking for more employee traits? Check out this article from, 15 traits of the Ideal Employee.  Remember, superhero employees are easy to find when you know what traits to look for.

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