Give Thanks to Employees Year-Round

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Happy Thanksgiving! During this holiday time, it’s easy to give thanks and reflect on what really matters to us. We all have a lot to be thankful for but giving thanks should not be limited to just the holiday time. Bruce Jones, Programming Directory with Disney Institute, has four tips on how to show thanks and gratitude for your employees year round. Below is a summary of Bruce’s tips.Thank You

Jones starts by exploring what makes a great leader. He stresses that “great leaders make genuine care a regular, year-round priority”. Meaning, employers that are successful do not hold back on showing appreciation for their employees and they make sure to show gratitude year-round. So what are the four pointers Jones suggests in order to implement giving thanks to employees year-round? I’m glad you asked, let’s take a look.

Find practical ways to demonstrate genuine care. This means that employees want to know that you care about them as a person. Your employees are not expecting a grand gesture; find ways to show you care about your employees in a true and genuine manner. Some examples of showing genuine care are, sending a birthday card, sending a “Thank You” or “Good Job” card, or sending an email to the entire team recognizing an employee’s great service.

Practice listening. Listening is crucial to all relationships and this is no different for the workplace. Jones suggests asking questions and taking action based on the responses. Interested in brushing up on your listening skills? Check out Listening Intentionally for Better Communication with Others by entrepreneur Evan Carmichael and start listening to your employees.

Make the work day as hassle-free as possible. While you’re listening you may come across areas that make your employees annoyed or situations that make their job harder. If you make changes and address these issues your employees will feel noticed. Jones described it as anything that makes their lives easier “goes a long way toward creating a culture of commitment rather than one of compliance”.

Encourage employees to show they care for their co-workers. Giving thanks should be shared all around the office. Inspire your employees to show their co-workers they care. When employees show other employees appreciation it builds a sense of community.

The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation, but don’t let it stop there. These four tips will put you on the right track to giving thanks well after the holiday season is over.  Interested in reading the full article, Giving Thanks Beyond the Holidays: 4 Ways to Show Genuine Care Year-Round by Bruce Jones? Click here.

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