How to Manage a Heavy Workload

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The holiday season is finally upon us! For most of us, this means that it is also our busy season. When we are trying to juggle our careers, maintain a social life and personal activities, life can get pretty overwhelming. Our lives are busy, but they do not have to be stressful. Here are a few tips that can help you manage a heavy workload.



Set goals for yourself and then work towards them! Do you have a deadline coming up?  Make sure to rank your tasks in order of importance then work on completing them.  Time-consuming tasks that are not on a timeline have the potential to take up a lot of your valuable time.  Make sure to prioritize your time properly.  At the beginning of your workweek write down two or three tasks you must complete. Make sure these tasks are worked on until they are finished. This list will grow as the weeks pass by, but don’t get discouraged. Once the tasks are completed you’ll have a great list of your accomplishments!

Get Organized

Keep a calendar of meetings, events and due dates to help you stay organized. This will also prevent you from overscheduling or double booking yourself. Get in the habit of setting yourself up with a routine at work for the everyday tasks that need to be accomplished. Setting apart a few minutes at the end of your days to file papers or respond emails will also make you more efficient during the day. It’s important to always make sure you put away your things before leaving for the day.  This allows you to come back to a clean and fresh workspace. Need some help getting organized at work? Check out this article from, Get Organized at Work.

Ask for Help

Ask for help when needed.

Don’t be scared to ask others to help you out when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need a second opinion. The first step in asking for help is figuring out why you need it.  If you know why you need help you’ll be able to ask the right person for assistance.  Does an employee or co-worker have expertise that deals with a task that needs completing? Ask them to give you assistance.  Delegating work not only makes your workload more manageable it also keeps everyone productive.  Remember, when you are asking for help to bring useful information.  Make sure to discuss what you have already done so you and your helper can have a clear plan of action.

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