Keeping Up on Facility Maintenance

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Business Tips | 0 comments

Running a self-storage facility requires you to move in many directions. One such direction is facility maintenance. It’s important to know what needs to be done regularly and what needs to be done yearly. While it’s easy to fix things as they happen, it’s costly. It’s important to have a preventive maintenance schedule in place to increase the life of your buildings, doors, gates, etc. Keep your maintenance regular now to avoid costly errors and replacements later.


Facility Maintenance : Keep doors lubricated

Keep doors lubricated to prevent issues further down the road.

Power wash roll-up doors, lubricate the roll-up devices regularly and inspect the rope. Don’t have roll-up doors? Make sure you lubricate door axles, springs and door tracks to keep them moving smoothly and silently. Not sure what lubrication to use? Go to auto-supply stores or home-improvement stores and buy clear silicone and cans of lithium.

Deep Clean Vacant Units

Sweep and mop floors to remove any build up, dust or grease. Wipe corners with a broom for cobwebs. Wipe down walls. Double check units are clean after move outs and before scheduled move-ins.

Security Gates and Fences

Facility Maintenance : Keep fences and gates in good working order.

Keep fences and gates in good working order.

Test gate codes regularly, lubricate gears and chain parts, check fences for damage. Gates and fences are seen as an important part of unit security, so if there are holes or weak spots you lose security as a feature you present.




Bug maintenance

Bugs are everywhere. Regularly spray pesticides around the outside of all storage units for bugs and rodents. Spray inside units as well and around the office.


Keep the outside of your facility looking attractive. Avoid weeds by spraying weed killer and pull out weeds if they do sprout. Trim grass and mow it regularly. Sweep sidewalks and entry ways to the office. Blow dirt and wash down driveways. In the winter, use a snowplow to keep driveways and paths clear. Salt walkways to avoid ice build up. Add ice melt in front of each unit.  Need more tips on winter prep? Check out our article on preparing for winter here.


Walk your roofs on a monthly basis. You’ll find the natural items from storms and wind, but you’ll also find some unexpected items like cans. Remove these items regularly. Doing so will avoid extra weight on your roofs and also help keep a warranty intact. Additionally, make sure you clear out gutters and downspouts because debris clogs these up too.

Facility Maintenance : Landscape to keep your facility looking pristine

Regular landscaping keeps your facility looking pristine.

Not only does regular, preventive facility maintenance save you time and money over the long run, but it’s important to remember that customer’s perception of your facility is largely based on how it looks. Keeping walkways clean and easy to navigate, plans landscaped and gates working smooth is essential to putting your best face forward.  Make yourself a checklist and stick to it, you’ll thank me later!