Wine Storage, the New Self-Storage

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One of the great parts about being in the self-storage industry is the diversity of self-storage types. Recently, wine storage has become a growing sector of our industry. Many facilities are featuring or exclusively offering wine storage. With the increase of wine consumption and collection, the U.S. is the largest wine consuming nation in the world since 2010 (The Wine Institute), it makes sense this sector of our industry is growing. Wine sales in the U.S. totaled more than $36.3 billion dollars last year (2013) alone.

Different Clientele

The Vault Wine Storage

The Vault Wine Storage – Phoenix, AZ

Deborah Fortini, owner/operator of The Vault Wine Storage in Phoenix, AZ, built her facility as a 100% wine storage facility. Built in November 2013, Deborah has seen great success and demand for wine storage. Her customer base is typically somewhat affluent and with or without a home wine cellar.

When asked if Deborah has other types of storage other than wine she responded, “No, I do not have storage for anything other than wine” Deborah said. “Wine clientele have different preferred amenities than generalized self-storage clientele, so if you really focus on a particular niche, whatever niche it may be, I believe you gain a loyal customer base and following.”

Unique Spin on Self-Storage

Tasting Room

The Vault Wine Storage Tasting Room

Storage "units" for individual bottles

Wine storage “units” for individual bottles

Deborah and the Vault Wine Storage offer a variety of different options for wine storage, all temperature and humidity controlled for optimal quality. She has the capability to store one bottle in communal storage areas or to store several cases in metal locker type units. The Vault Wine Storage also offers a communal tasting area for members/tenants to sip wine and socialize, distinguishing it from other types of self-storage.

Another wine self-storage facility, Phoenix Wine Storage, provides customers a state-of-the-art climate controlled wine storage facility with over 300 individual lockers which are customizable to fit any size collection, from fewer than 5 cases to over 2,000 bottle capacity. Owner John Finn said, “We cater to our customers who are all levels of wine lovers, from beginner collectors to seasoned connoisseurs. Our customers are continual buyers/collectors of wines from all over the world.”

Specialized Atmosphere

Storage at the Vault Wine Storage

Wine Storage at the Vault Wine Storage

When asked if Phoenix Wine Storage has options for storage other than wine, he responded with what seemed to be a reoccurring theme. “No we do not, Phoenix Wine Storage (PWS) is exclusively wine storage,” Johnn said. “There are several facilities in Phoenix that are mostly self-storage but offer some small wine storage. I wanted to provide an environment where serious collectors can engage with other like-minded individuals. Drinking wine is all about the experience and sharing with others something new and different. PWS provides its members this environment and as collectors and enjoyers of wine ourselves, we understand the needs of truly discerning wine enthusiasts. From biometric access and customizable tracking options to monitored and regulated 55 temperature of the cellar, our sole purpose is helping members protect and perfect your wine collecting experience.”

New Possibilities

An example of Facebook post

An example of the Vault Wine Storage Facebook post

Wine storage also allows for a fun spin on traditional self-storage advertising, allowing for a different relationship with tenants. The Vault Wine Storage offers a glimpse of this creative marketing through their Facebook page. With wine pairing suggestions, wine memes, and interesting articles on wine production, The Vault Wine Storage’s Facebook page keeps you coming back for more.

With the increasing number of facilities offering wine storage, I think it’s safe to say this new sector of our industry is here to stay.

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