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Is there ever enough time in the day? 24 hours just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. There are more distractions than ever in this day and age with the Internet and social media sitting at our fingertips.  Finding a management system that you can incorporate into your work life is extremely important because it can result in a significant amount of time and financial savings.  Here are some of my thoughts on what to keep your eyes open for:

Create a to-do list

To-Do Reminder WebSelfStorageTo-do lists are necessary to stay on track in the workplace. They can help increase your performance and your organization, to make sure you have not forgotten anything important. By prioritizing your time, you can determine what you need to focus the majority of your time on. Does the management software you are looking into allowing you to create to-do lists?

Have control at your fingertips

How are you storing your customer information? Is your information available at your facility only? Is it web based? Are you able to pull up on a smartphone or table, or access anywhere you have internet access? Putting in place a web-based business platform can greatly cut down time. No need to have employees emailing, or faxing reports. This will also eliminate the wait time and not have to get back to the office to view any vital information!

Save Time When Processing Payments

time managementHow much time do you spend running credit cards every single month? Offering your customers the ability to pay online or through auto payment can greatly reduce time. Without even having to push a button, you can rest assured knowing that your customer’s payments will be run on the date of your choice. Also, offering your customer an online account provides them options to update information, print receipts, and set up rent reminders. This will reduce the number of calls from current customers and be able to focus time on renting new units.

Never Stuff Another Envelope Again!

When sending out late and lien letters to your customers are you stuffing them yourself? Look at a platform that can provide a fully automated process to ensure that every letter goes out on time. This will eliminate the need to spend time printing, signing, and stuffing envelopes. Also, you can opt to email and send out reminders to all of your tenants as well.

Pay with Rent Tenant Insurance, Easy as a Click of a Button

When hearing the word claim or insurance, the first thoughts that fly into my mind are painful. Using a system that has a tenant insurance interface directly into your platform will help save you a considerable amount of time. This will also eliminate month end reports where you will have to send into 3rd party companies.

Real Time Reservations

When offering your customers the ability to make reservations online, are they seeing real-time reservations? Eliminate the need to update your website by feeding from a management system to your website, making sure you always have the most up to date information. As well as saving time, you are also having the Internet sell for you 24/7

Remember, you’re competing with over 52,000 other self-storage facilities, manage your time wisely. By partnering with a network, like the WebSelfStorage Business Platform, you can save your time and money. Have any questions on what else to look for? Share them below!


Here is a great video to ensure that you maximize your time, and truly get your “stuff done.”



Carly CastilloCarly Castillo is a Sales Analyst for the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network where she works with facilities interested in the WebSelfStorage Business Platform. She has been in sales for over 14 years in a variety of different industries. She has traveled all over the U.S. and Canada and has given a variety of presentations at Self-Storage Industry trade shows and conferences.