Myth: Macs Never Get Computer Viruses

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Contrary to popular belief, a Mac like any other computer is susceptible to a computer virus. Before we go in to the “why?” we first need to understand what a computer virus is. A computer virus falls in a class of software called malicious software, also known as “Malware.” Malware includes programs such as worms, trojans, keyloggers, and spyware. Each Malware effects the operating ability of a system differently, from something as insignificant as slow down your system to as severe as stealing all your personal information. A computer virus is a type of Malware that once installed is like the flu; it continually spreads from computer to computer until it’s stopped.

Myth: Macs never get Computer Virus

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Why exactly is a Mac susceptible to a virus? The easiest way to explain why is to use the human body as an analogy. Like the human body, some have stronger immune systems than others. While this makes them less likely to get sick, no human body is impervious to illness. This is the same with a computer. No matter what operating system you use or the level of security it has, whether its iOS, Windows, Linux, or a mobile operating system, the chance of catching a virus still remains.

This may make you wonder why you only hear about viruses on Windows computers. That’s simple, most people who create Malwares want their program to spread as much as possible. With 83% of users running a Windows operating system over the 9% that run Macs, it’s a prime target for these programmers. Macs have fewer users overall, so the total that the likelihood of a Malware getting created for Macs is minimal. But with the recent increase in Mac users, this could change.


Anti Virus software

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If you take one thing from this post, remember that no matter what type of computer you utilize, whether it is a Windows, Mac, or Linux system, you should always have a free or paid antivirus software installed. I can’t stress this enough if you use that computer for your business. Have a Mac and want to keep up-to-date on security issues? Check out The Safe Mac.


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