Sales Tips and Best Practices

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I’ve been in sales for 14 years now and the more I do it, the less it feels like sales and the more it feels like an actual conversation. I have worked for small business owners, corporate retail stores, employment agencies, a mortgage company, and for the past 6 years, the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network.

Photo Cred: Purposeful.comWhen it comes to selling a product, no one likes to truly feel as if they are being sold. Movies like Boiler Room and Wolf of Street immediately pop into my head. For many people, one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of the word sales are people like car salesmen. Along with cars salesmen, words like pushy, overbearing, “will say anything”, flash in my head. Do top sales performers over promise and under deliver? Or is a charming and charismatic personality the key to making the sale?

Follow some of these best practices to avoid making potential customers feel any type of buyer’s remorse, and have them leave feeling confident that you are truly offering the best service possible when selling any product.


Identify Your Audience

  • Who are you meeting with? Is this person a decision maker? Will they have a husband/ wife they have to consult with? Will they have a boss they have to get approval from?
  • Demographics – Age, Gender, Location, Education level all will have an effect of how you are trying to communicate your message.
  • What is the person’s buying patterns? Do they look for a new service? Are they looking for the next best thing?

Find the Need

  • Spend a few minutes getting to know the prospect.
  • Why are they looking to use your product / make a change?
  • How can this help their life? Will it increase efficiency?

Build a Personal Connection

  • Share relevant content.
  • How did they hear about you in the first place?
  • What do you like so much about the product? Bring your passion! Showing a pride of what you are offering is infectious. People want to feel as if a person is genuine. If you are passionate, it will certainly show.

Know How to Spot Buying Signs

  • How soon can I move in?
  • Do you accept packages?
  • Can I get a discount?
  • Is there a contract?
  • Does this come in a medium?
  • A salesperson should be listening for these at all times!

Call to Action

  • Thank the potential customer for taking the time to learn about what you have to offer.
  • Recap if there is any follow-up needed on your end.
  • Set a date to follow up.
  • Make sure they have your contact information.
  • Send thank you card or email.

Following the sales tips listed above will leave the impression that you are providing information and not actual selling. If you approach sales from this manner, you will come across as friendly, cheerful, and helpful. That will be sure to put anyone at ease, especially when making what can be a stressful decision.


Does this video seem familiar? This is a prime example of what not to do for the Movie the Boiler Room.


Carly CastilloCarly Castillo is a Sales Analyst for the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network where she works with facilities interested in the WebSelfStorage Business Platform. She has been in sales for over 14 years in a variety of different industries. She has traveled all over the U.S. and Canada and has given a variety of presentations at Self-Storage Industry trade shows and conferences.