Photography Tips for Eye Catching Facility Photos

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Eye catching photos of your self-storage facility can transform your business’s online presence. The simple addition of quality images to your web listing allows customers to locate your facility more easily and make a confident decision about where to store their possessions. This is especially true when customers are moving to new areas and are not able to drive by or visit before move in. Many customers will move into a facility further than desired if the only option nearby does not present itself well online. Far too often storage facility owners will post gloomy, non-representative, unhelpful photos. This can be avoided by following some easy photography tips for eye catching facility photos.


While most of U-Haul’s own centers are not professionally photographed, Aaron Phoenix, a resident photographer in the U-Haul, Int. art department offered some simple guidelines he follows when asked to photograph a storage location.

There are two main categories to focus on: Positioning and Lighting. Photographing from a good position with the correct lighting can make a world of difference in your photos.


Follow these two basic guidelines when picking a location to shoot from.

  • Find a location to shoot from that captures as much of your facility as possible.
  • Focus on wide shots. Tightly focused shots should only be used to highlight a unique feature.

Tip – Finding the right location often means crossing the street.

Bad Example:

Photo Tips Example: Bad Position

Does not provide customers with a good idea of the facility.

Good Examples:

Photography Tips for Eye Catching Facility Photos: good example positioning

Good Example: Provides the customer with a better understanding of the layout and look.



This photo lets customers see a street view of the facility.

Photography Tips for Eye Catching Facility Photos: This image shows how a tighter shot can be used when highlighting a unique feature.

This image shows how a tighter shot can be used when highlighting a unique feature.


Now that you have the perfect location, shoot at the right time of day. Depending on the season, achieving perfect lighting may mean waking up early or shooting in the late afternoon.

  • Sunset is the golden hour and will make photos look warm.
  • Sunrise will make photos look bright.
  • Mid day will cast the least shadows.
  • Make sure the sun is behind you.
  • Try to avoid shadows in the shot.
Shadows Darken the Facility

Avoid shadows as they darken the facility.

Photography Tips for Eye Catching Facility Photos: bad example of lighting

Shadows hide certain features.

Having a professional grade camera is not essential to achieve a great shot. Modern smartphone cameras can work very well but may take a few extra minutes to ensure the settings are appropriate for wide outdoor images. Also because of the small lightweight design stabilizing a smartphone camera may be difficult.

Some more tips:

Photography Tips for Eye Catching Facility Photos

This shot does not show the customer much about the facility and has poor lighting.


  • Try to keep the camera level and stable.

Facility photos should be inviting and informative. This is how you represent your business online. Taking the extra time to capture quality images will boost the appeal of your location to prospective customers in a very competitive market. Follow these photography tips for eye-catching facility photos and notice the instant difference on your website.

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