Welcome New Affiliate Stronghold Self Storage

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Each month the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network welcomes the newest locations in the network. This May, we are excited to introduce many new self-storage facilities. In this post, we are pleased to welcome new affiliate Stronghold Self Storage in Riverview, Michigan.


Stronghold Self Storage, Riverview, Michigan

Jennifer L. P. Kirch, Facility Manager


“We are not a “big box” storage facility. We cater to our customers based on their individual needs. -Jennifer Kirch

Welcome New Affiliate

Stronghold Self-Storage -Riverview, MI


Question: Please describe your facility.
Answer: In 1978 this family owned Self-Storage facility opened its doors to the public. The company was founded by Ervin C. Bailey and his uncle, Gene Turner. This year marks our 36th year successfully serving The Downriver Area. This facility sits on 4 acres, and has 147 indoor storage bays and just over 250 outdoor storage sites for rent. We handle the storage of practically everything from household items and furniture to travel trailers and boats.

Question: Is your facility involved in the community? How do you reach out to the local area?
Answer: We sit across the street from Riverview High School. We are featured in their advertising efforts with various sports programs offered through the school. We also participate in the Small Business Expo that is offered through our local Parish. Finally, we host Customer Appreciation Days for one week during the month of October. This is our opportunity to give back to our valued customers. We decorate the office, put out coffee, cookies, and other treats for our customers.

Question: What’s one thing you’d like other affiliates in the network to know about your facility?
Answer: “We are not a “big box” storage facility. We cater to our customers based on their individual needs. Doing business with us, is like doing business with your best friend. Many times we have been compared to Mayberry. Just an honest to good, down to earth experience.

Question: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Answer: There is a sign language interpreter onsite, which was very handy last week for a deaf customer. We couldn’t meet her needs here, but that didn’t stop us from locating another local storage facility for her that could. We’ve never regretted going above and beyond for any of our customers.