Designing Your Website and Understanding Your Web Traffic

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Here’s the second post by Web Marketing Guru Joe Carter. 
 When designing your website, it’s important to ask yourself “what’s my goal?” Your goal should be to provide pertinent information that will help online searchers decide they need self-storage and your facility is the one for them. To create the most successful, user-friendly site, design it like you’d answer the phone.

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With that in mind… the viewer lands on your web page, what do they see? Your website should include information for prospective tenants and current tenants. Your hours, directions and contact information should be easy to find. For prospective customers, you need to list your availability, discounts offered, prices and information on how to reserve units. For current customers, you need to have information on making a payment and details about their account (if you have an online bill pay site like the Premier Customer Club, this is where you’d put the link). I’d also consider including the terms for renting at your facility. The goal is to create an easy to use, informative website. And just remember… when working with a web designer, you know your website better than anyone else out there, you are the expert on this industry and your business.

Understand Your Web Traffic

After you’ve designed a site with your consumer in mind, it’s important to know if what you’ve done is working. A good way to start monitoring traffic to your website is with an analytics software. There are many viable options on the market today but the majority of webmasters prefer to use Google Analytics. It’s free with a Gmail account and is easy to use.

Using an analytics tool allows you to monitor the traffic coming to your website, discover other websites or sources sending visitors your way, and get a grasp on the different demographics visiting your page like age groups, gender and race. For example, do you know if the majority of people are coming to your website on their phone or on their desktop PC?

This type of insight can help you build future marketing efforts because you will know what is currently successful with your customer and in what areas you need to improve. Here’s a link to Google Analytics homepage, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Joseph Carter is a Web Analyst for U-Haul International. Carter is a graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a major in Computer Information Systems.

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