Did you know? Self-Storage Facts

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Everyone loves a good list! Here is a list of interesting self-storage facts.

Self-Storage and Small Business

  • Out of the nearly 27 million businesses in the United States, only 4.6 million of them are small businesses (businesses with 9 employees or less). This means that generally speaking, 21.3% of businesses in the United States are small businesses (Census.gov).
  • 70.9% of self-storage locations in the U.S. are independently owned and operated.

By comparison, it’s safe to say the self-storage industry is run by independents.

Reservation statistics

Through the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network, we are able to compile a considerable amount of data regarding reservations. Below are some interesting statistics regarding reservations in North America.

Which month is the busiest month for reservations?  July!


Which city in the U.S. Received the most reservations? Houston, Texas!

Houston, TX - Courtesy of Vegannews.com

And Canada?

Edmonton, Alberta, is the city where the most reservations are each year in Canada.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta
via www.bigskyline.com


Want to read more self-storage reservation statistics? Read the 2013 Annual U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network Reservation Report.


The wide expanse of self-storage

Self-storage locations are reported in 6 of the 7 continents. Self-storage has been common since the 1960s in North America since the ’70s in Australia and the ’80s in the UK and Europe. More recently, self-storage facilities have been appearing since the 2000s in Asia and South America.

Did you guess it? The United States has the most self-storage locations in the world, followed by Canada and Australia. Which continent does not have self-storage? If you guessed Antarctica, you’d be correct!


Self-storage is a growing industry that stretches across the world. There are over 52,000 self-storage locations in the U.S., 55,000 in North America, and over approximately 59,000 worldwide. After reading this list of self-storage facts hopefully, you feel like you know this industry that we all know and love a bit better!

Know any interesting facts about the self-storage industry? Share with us below!