5 Trick’s to Remembering a New Name

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Marketing Tips, Tips | 0 comments

Working in the self-storage industry means you come across a lot of new people on a day-to-day basis. Remembering someone’s name is not only appreciated, but makes great business sense. It can be hard though to remember new names, especially when you are meeting so many new people. Recently, entrepreneur.com posted an article that gave five great memory tricks to help you remember a new person’s name.

Hello My Name Is: Tricks to Remembering New Names

1. Repeat names throughout the exchange. Repetition allows your brain to form the necessary connections to create a new memory. After you’ve been introduced, repeat the person’s name as much as possible. It’s nice to meet you Jessica. If you repeat the name multiples times throughout the conversation your chances of remembering that name are much greater.

2. Make mental associations. Create a visual connection with a person’s name to something else memorable. The crazier the association, the easier it is to remember. For example, if you meet someone named Sam at a networking breakfast, think to yourself “Sam I am, green eggs and ham.” That way when you are trying to recall the name of the man you met at breakfast, you will think of breakfast foods and green eggs and ham, and ham rhymes with Sam, voila.

3. Study names in print. It’s easier to remember a name if you see it written as well. For example, when someone is wearing a nametag  look at the nametag and the face of the person to create an association. Same thing goes with a business card, the moment you receive the business card, look at the name and repeat it aloud like “thank you, Jessica.”

4. Ask for clarification with difficult names. It ok to admit that some names are more difficult to remember than others. If a new acquaintance has a name that is difficult to pronounce, simply ask the person to repeat it. After they’ve repeated their name, say it again yourself for verification. This well help ensure you are saying it correctly and will also help you remember the name in general. The extra effort also speaks to your attention to detail, which people appreciate.

5. If you forget a name, address it head on. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t remember a new acquaintance’s name. If you have forgotten, and can’t figure it out through conversation, simply ask their name. Mention where you met so they know you remember them, and then ask them to remind you of their name. For example,  “I know we met at the trade show last month, but I simply can’t remember your name. I’m Cait…” Most likely they will follow up with their name then too.

The capability to remember new names well will take you far. People feel appreciated and important when you remember their name. Hopefully these five tips will help you in the future!

Read the full article by Jacqueline Whitmore on entrepreneur.com.